Pricing and Plans

BlueMidX Packages Inclusions Best For
Essential 1 Profile
1 Connector
Basic Customization: With one profile, you can customize the app's branding
and content to establish your brand identity.

Single Content Source: Access content from one service provider, providing a
focused content experience.
Standard 2 Profiles
2 Connectors
Enhanced Flexibility: Greater customization options and content diversity
compared to the basic package.

Dual Content Sources: Stream channels from two different service providers,
offering a broader range of content options.
Professional 3 Profiles
3 Connectors
Advanced Customization: More opportunities for modified branding and
content targeting to enhance user engagement.

Expanded Content Access: Stream channels from three distinct service
providers, offering a diverse and comprehensive content library.
Enterprise 5 Profiles
5 Connectors
Ultimate Customization: Five profiles allow for extensive customization to
cater to various user demographics and preferences effectively.

Extensive Content Library: Stream channels from five different service
providers, offering an extensive and diverse content library to attract and retain users.

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