What is TrezorX & how does it work?

TrezorX is a highly secured and end to end encrypted Media Player for streaming content.

TrezorX was developed by a collaboration of intellects from multiple countries throughout the world. In a world where none of the contents are safe in the internet we developed a platform where we bring you the most secured and protected streaming app so that you can focus on your business and grow your customer base without worrying about hacks and stealth.

TrezorX app is a white-labeled IPTV/OTT app which you can customize every way you want, starting from Logo to skin you can also change the items of offering throughout the powerful Middleware that's working behind it.

It is helpful for the Resellers or Distributors to grow and keep their customers loyal to themselves. We designed the system for the newest guy to become a proud start-up of a Content Streaming business and loaded it with all the tools needed.

Most important tools and features:

  • Server Management System
  • Security Level Selection
  • Content Management System
  • Profile Management System
  • Billing Panel System
  • User Management
  • and much more

Get ready and start boosting your sales with the brand new TrezorX Media Player!